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Customer Care Associate - IT

City Computer Company L.L.C - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Onsite (Field and offsite (Remote)Support of HIS System concerns.Other Duties &responsibilities that will be determined during liveproduction.You will be responsiblefor answering all incoming calls and emails,fielding ....

2021-08-09 City Computer Company L.L.C

Financial Consultant

Markets services by asking forreferrals from current clients; meeting prospects at communityfunctions; responding to inquiries; developing promotions;presenting financial planning seminars.Assesses clients’ financial situation bygathering information regarding investments, asset allocation,sav...


Senior Accountant

Al Rawabit Recruitment - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Prepares and records asset,liability, revenue, and expenses entries by compiling and analyzingaccount information.Maintains and balances subsidiary accounts byverifying, allocating, posting, and reconciling transactions andresolving discrepancies....

2021-08-09 Al Rawabit Recruitment

Legal Secretary

Alpha Data Recruitment - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Welcomes guests and clients bygreeting them in person or on the telephone; answering or directinginquiries.Produces information by transcribing, formatting,inputting, editing, retrieving, copying, and transmitting text,data, and graphics; coordinating case preparation....

2021-08-09 Alpha Data Recruitment

Warehouse Manager

Consolidated Contractors Company - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-08-09 Consolidated Contractors Company

Payroll Manager

Consolidated Contractors Company - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-08-09 Consolidated Contractors Company

Support Officer

Experts International Recruitment Services - Abu Dhabi, UAE
They might be responsiblefor forwarding calls or important messages, or taking minutes atmeetings.Some may even distribute their company's incomingmail, while others may help schedule appointments....

2021-08-09 Experts International Recruitment Services

Calibration Engineer

Al Fursan Recruitment - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-08-09 Al Fursan Recruitment

Financial Advisor

Al Fursan Recruitment - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Advising strategies for clients in insurancecoverage, ....

2021-08-09 Al Fursan Recruitment

Boat Helper/Driver

Knowledge in driving the boat*Must be able to work on their own with minimalsupervision....


Accounts Receivable Clerk

Hire Rightt Dmcc - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Postscustomer payments by recording cash, checks, and credit cardtransactions.Posts revenues by verifying and entering transactionsform lock box and local deposits.Maintains records by microfilminginvoices, debits, and credits....

2021-08-09 Hire Rightt Dmcc

Marketing Manager

Bright Accord General Contracting L.L.C. - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Oversees the production of all promotional materialsand ....

2021-08-09 Bright Accord General Contracting L.L.C.

Specification Engineer

Transguard Group - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Buildcompany image by collaborating with customers, government,community organizations and employees, enforcing ethical businesspractices.Search for new customers who mightprofit from the company’s products and solutions,exploring qualified construction leads from the generation system(venture...

2021-08-09 Transguard Group

Procurement Director

Star Services L.L.C - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-08-09 Star Services L.L.C


Control & Applications Emirates (CAE) - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Supervises clerical and administrative personnel bycommunicating job expectations, appraising job results, anddisciplining employees....

2021-08-09 Control & Applications Emirates (CAE)

Operation Engineer

Alpha Data Recruitment - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-08-09 Alpha Data Recruitment

Pharma Sales Manager

Aster DM Healthcare - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Initiate marketing strategies andcoordinate actions to influence the market.Clarify goals and reach agreement maintaining theinterests of all parties.Proactively developsand improve products and services.Ability todiscuss strategic and sensitive issues, and understandsclients' needs.Build and ma...

2021-08-09 Aster DM Healthcare

Head Bartender

Transguard Group - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-08-09 Transguard Group

Senior Sales Engineer

Al Fursan Recruitment - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Teams toproduce technical, architectural,and ....

2021-08-09 Al Fursan Recruitment

Painting Supervisor

Al Nasr Contracting Company LLC Store - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Schedules, assigns, and plans thework of paint shop personnel performing a variety of paintingprojects.Plans anddevelops work schedules, equipment usage schedules, priority ofpainting expenditures and procedures for equipmentmaintenance.Maintains time, payroll, andmaterial records and submits report...

2021-08-09 Al Nasr Contracting Company LLC Store