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Investment Banking Analyst

ARC Associates - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Their assessment of transactionsand financial areas, such as the performance of stocks and bonds,as well as credit trends allow them to make informedrecommendations to ....

2021-09-22 ARC Associates

Testing Technician

Al Nasr Contracting Company LLC store - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 Al Nasr Contracting Company LLC store

QC Inspector

Silver Coast Construction & Boring LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 Silver Coast Construction & Boring LLC

Senior Tendering & Pricing Engineer

Equilibrium Engineering Consultancy - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Prepare & Evaluate listof available bidding opportunities to decide whichjoined.Preparing site visit report afterexploring site condition & surroundings.Review & study bid document in order to verifythe availability of sufficient information.Review BOQ, Tender drawings, specification, sp...

2021-09-22 Equilibrium Engineering Consultancy

Structural Draftsman

AECOM - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 AECOM

Business Banking Advisor

Jams HR Solutions FZE - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Bankershelp their clients manage their finances in the most successful waypossible and help them navigate the numerous services, proceduresand products available, including stocks, bonds, loans,international transactions, real estate, trade credits, insurancepolicies and more....

2021-09-22 Jams HR Solutions FZE


Dulsco llc - Abu Dhabi, UAE
They use mathematics,statistics, and financial theory to assess the risk of potentialevents, and they help businesses and clients develop policies thatminimize the cost of thatrisk....

2021-09-22 Dulsco llc


Aster DM Healthcare - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Obstetricians use to observe babieswhile they're still in the womb....

2021-09-22 Aster DM Healthcare

Security Guard

I-Talent - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Protecting company's property and staff bymaintaining a safe and secure environment.Observing for signs ofcrime or disorder and investigate disturbances.Acting lawfully indirect defense of life or property....

2021-09-22 I-Talent

HR Manager

Al Rawabit International Recruitment LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Develop and implement HR strategies andinitiatives aligned with the overall business strategy.Bridge management and employee relations by addressingdemands, grievances or other issues.Support current and futurebusiness needs through the development,.Develop and monitor overall HRstrategies, systems,...

2021-09-22 Al Rawabit International Recruitment LLC

Business Development Director

Square General Contracting Company LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 Square General Contracting Company LLC

Senior Smart Plant Foundation Administrator

Rejlers Finland & Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Recommend, design, test and/orimplement appropriate methods for disaster recovery of productiondatabases.Develop and maintain appropriatedatabase maintenance procedures for production databaseservers.Develop and maintain standardizedserver jobs to perform replication, notification and integrationser...

2021-09-22 Rejlers Finland & Abu Dhabi

AC Technician

Etihad International Hospitality - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Basic Tasks: Conductmaintenance check for air-con, heaters and coolers.Repairdamage and dysfunctional air-con, heaters and coolers....

2021-09-22 Etihad International Hospitality

Office Clerk

ARC Associates - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Assistantsor Receptionists, these professionals can work in schools,hospitals, and businesses....

2021-09-22 ARC Associates

Business Development Manager

Brainstorm HR Consultants - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Manage and service of youraccount or the accounts entrusted by the company to keep theexecutive director updated with all daily activities.Presentation/discussion of the proposal with the clientand value engineering of the commercial proposal includes design toconvert the potential lead to a project...

2021-09-22 Brainstorm HR Consultants

Senior Instrumentation Engineer

China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Your job is to make sure that thesesystems and processes operate effectively, efficiently andsafely....

2021-09-22 China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd


Al Barakah Holding Company - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Provides financial information tomanagement by researching andanalyzing .Prepares asset, liability, and capital accountentries by compiling and analyzing account information.Documentsfinancial transactions by entering account information....

2021-09-22 Al Barakah Holding Company

Oracle Developer

Aidan Talents - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Developersare responsible for designing and managing different areas relatedto the spectrum of workof .They create,modify, and test the codes, scripts, and forms that allow a systemto run different types ofapplications....

2021-09-22 Aidan Talents

Associate Professor in Cyber/Information Security andNetworking

Zayed University - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Faculty withdistinguished profiles in the areas of: Digital Forensics,Information Security Management, Network/Internet Security, EthicalHacking, Networking and Telecommunications are encouraged to apply.In addition to specialized courses, an appointee may be required toteach introductory IT courses...

2021-09-22 Zayed University

Restaurant Manager

Nolu’s Restaurants LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
They may be responsible for different tasks suchas ....

2021-09-22 Nolu’s Restaurants LLC