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Jobs in Abu Dhabi UAE

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Electrical Designer

China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd

Bus Driver

Lime Sourcing Services - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Obeytraffic laws, safety procedures, and transit regulations.Pick upand drop off passengers at designated locations.Communicatewith passengers and employers regarding delays or any issues alonga route....

2021-09-22 Lime Sourcing Services

IP Telephony Engineer

MAPCO LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
To design and resolve issuesthrough study, network administration, installation, andcustomization, along with network managementsupport .To recommend to design thenetwork pattern for better connectivity To analyze,prioritize, and complete telephony work....

2021-09-22 MAPCO LLC


Target Engineering Construction - Abu Dhabi, UAE
They compile feasibilityreports, determine environmental impact, create project proposals,estimate costs, determine timelines and oversee constructionprocesses....

2021-09-22 Target Engineering Construction

Compliance Engineer

Dodsal Engineering & Construction - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 Dodsal Engineering & Construction

Development Engineer

Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Engineersare responsible for designing, creating and testing new productsfor companies....

2021-09-22 Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. Abu Dhabi

Web Mobile Application Developer

Creative British School - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Java and C++ todevelop the necessary specificationsfor ....

2021-09-22 Creative British School

Safety Engineer

Target Engineering Construction - Abu Dhabi, UAE
They inspect buildings and machines forhazardsand ....

2021-09-22 Target Engineering Construction

Maintenance Manager

Sobha Construction Llc - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Resolves problems as they arise whether directly or by assemblingteams to solve those issues....

2021-09-22 Sobha Construction Llc

Accounting Clerk



Account Consultant

ARC Associates - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 ARC Associates


Solutions Corp - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Preparing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beveragesfor bar and patrons.Interacting with customers, taking orders andserving snacks and drinks.Assessing bar customers' needsand preferences and making recommendations....

2021-09-22 Solutions Corp

Math Teacher

Potential Recruitment - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Planning and presenting lessons to facilitatestudents' understanding and applicationof .Preparing and distributing learning material such as notes,assignments, and quizzes.Documenting and reporting onstudents' progress....

2021-09-22 Potential Recruitment

Network Engineer

Tecton Engineering & Construction llc - Abu Dhabi, UAE
You'll offersupport to users, who can be staff, clients, customers andsuppliers, and troubleshoot any problems that arise....

2021-09-22 Tecton Engineering & Construction llc

Industrial Engineer

Tecton Engineering & Construction llc - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Designing production processesthat maximize efficiency and reduce waste.Developing andimplementing process improvements and technological upgrades.Designing control systems to minimize costs and production issues.Managing process documentation and preparing productionreports....

2021-09-22 Tecton Engineering & Construction llc


Deyaar Facilities Management LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mixing, matching,and applying paints and other finishes to various surfaces.Providing decorative and faux finishes as the project requires.Handling planning and prep work in an efficient manner....

2021-09-22 Deyaar Facilities Management LLC


Dhabi Contracting LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 Dhabi Contracting LLC

Senior Administrative Officer

Zayed University - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Maintains and handles hecalendar/daily schedule of activities of the Dean of StudentAffairs.Prepares correspondence,presentations, reports, meeting agendas, background materials andtake minutes of meetings.Maintains files andstock of informational material for visitors.Develops databases/spreadsheet...

2021-09-22 Zayed University

IT Officer

MAPCO LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
You will be installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosinghardware and software faults and solving technical and applicationsproblems, either over the phone or in person....

2021-09-22 MAPCO LLC

Admin Support Officers