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Finance Officer

Al Nahiya Group - Abu Dhabi, UAE
They possess strong accounting and analytical skills....

2021-09-22 Al Nahiya Group

NDT Inspection Engineer

Confidential - Abu Dhabi, UAE
SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES*: •Perform duties of NDT Inspector as per Company & LocalAuthority guidelines.Perform the duties and representas a company NDE level II during Internal/ASME/Client Audits.Ensure safe usage of radioactive equipment and personnelwithin the Projects • Co-ordinate...

2021-09-22 Confidential


Acai ko Cafe - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 Acai ko Cafe


Nolu’s Restaurants LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Provides financial information tomanagement by researching andanalyzing .Prepares asset, liability, and capital accountentries by compiling and analyzing account information.Documentsfinancial transactions by entering account information....

2021-09-22 Nolu’s Restaurants LLC

Network Engineer

Sobha Construction Llc - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Responsible for equipmentmaintenance, participation in transmission and data network design,implementation, data network debugging andmaintenance; .To assist introubleshooting, processing, and provide accurate fault informationand processing.Solve theproblems in the network operation, provide n...

2021-09-22 Sobha Construction Llc


Acai ko Cafe - Abu Dhabi, UAE
They package coffee blends,make coffee and tea, explain menu items to customers, clean, andattempt to ensure that customers are comfortable andsatisfied....

2021-09-22 Acai ko Cafe

Food & Beverage Manager

Nolu’s Restaurants LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Healso manages the finances related to the whole process ofpurchasing ....

2021-09-22 Nolu’s Restaurants LLC

Admin Manager

World Star Manpower - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 World Star Manpower

Construction Manager

Target Engineering Construction - Abu Dhabi, UAE
They ensure building projects are completed safely, within budgetand on time....

2021-09-22 Target Engineering Construction


Nolu’s Restaurants LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
The general job of a restauranthost is to meet, greet, and seat customers.Therefore it is anexcellent entry-level job for someone without a lot of restaurantexperience (or any).The host should be friendly and courteous, aswell as organized and comfortable multi-tasking, knowing how tohandle busy shi...

2021-09-22 Nolu’s Restaurants LLC

Architectural Engineer

World Star Manpower - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Ensure building plans,prototypes, and structures are operating safely, efficiently, andreliably.Design, analyse and altering plans, prototypes orstructures.Assist team members with project objectives, budgets,and timelines....

2021-09-22 World Star Manpower

Math Teacher

Amity International School - Abu Dhabi, UAE
A highly competitive salarybenchmarked against many of the leading schools globally.Accommodation or a housing allowance aligned with yourpersonal family circumstances.A spacious and modern, innovativeteaching and learning environment.Supportive line management and access to generousprofessional dev...

2021-09-22 Amity International School


Appen Services - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Help a large Social Media platform evaluatethe e-commerce shopping experience by purchasing items andcompleting surveys related to the experience.Mystery Shoppers willbe completing and reviewing the shopping experience of e-commerceadvertisers on a well-known social media platform.What’sin it ...

2021-09-22 Appen Services

Mason Civil Worker

Deyaar Facilities Management LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Fabricates, alters, repairs, andmaintains walls, sidewalks, street curbs, floors, bathroom showers,sink counters, partitions, manholes, and other related structuresor surfaces.Lays blocks or bricks following blueprints, plans, ordrawings....

2021-09-22 Deyaar Facilities Management LLC

Account Director

Adyard Abu Dhabi L.L.C - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Their main goal is to provide exceptional clientexperience and increase customer satisfaction....

2021-09-22 Adyard Abu Dhabi L.L.C

HVAC Technician

Gami – Best Air Conditioner ManufacturingCompany - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Installing, maintaining andrepairing ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment.Diagnosing electricaland mechanical faultsfor .Cleaning, adjusting and repairing systems, and performing warrantyservices....

2021-09-22 Gami – Best Air Conditioner ManufacturingCompany

Metering Technician

Copperfield Group UAE - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Your main role will be to visitsites to exchange, install, remove, maintain and carry out anyassociated works on industrial and commercial gas meters.You willbe responsible for your personal stock management, timekeeping andthe safety of yourself and others around you....

2021-09-22 Copperfield Group UAE

Heavy Driver

Ecotherm Contracting LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
They determine whethertheir vehicle complies with weight and height limits on bridges andtunnels and change their plans if needed....

2021-09-22 Ecotherm Contracting LLC

Account Executive

Al Nahiya Group - Abu Dhabi, UAE

2021-09-22 Al Nahiya Group


Nolu’s Restaurants LLC - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mixologists,mix and serve alcoholic beverages based on customer requests....

2021-09-22 Nolu’s Restaurants LLC